How to use silver and gold coin as money.
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The Only E-Commerce Financial Transaction Processor Using Silver & Gold as Money!

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How to use silver and gold coin as money.
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Using Silver and Gold As Money With Legal Tender Silver Liberty's, Pre-1965 Coin and Gold Eagle's.


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e-SilverLiberty is the only tangibly backed, worldwide electronic monetary/payments system. e-SilverLiberty is 100% backed by physical Silver Liberty's and Gold Eagles. The United States currently has Legal Tender Inflation Proof money available in the form of Silver Liberty's and Gold Eagles.

The main issue with using Silver Liberty's and Gold Eagles in everyday transactions is the lack of a way to make "change" for purchases. Our program solves this issue.

Our goal is to work together and to implement an alternative to the constantly depreciating Federal Reserve Note, and provide a workable example of how Silver and Gold Coin can be used by everyone today.

e-SilverLiberty is a non-reserve, non-fractional Financial Transaction Processor and Clearinghouse that accepts and circulates REAL money. All of our Members holdings are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn at any time.

In this new system, value is stored in Legal Tender United States Minted Coin as the Constitution Mandates. 

At e-SilverLiberty, we accept only Silver Liberty's, pre-1965 Coin and Gold Eagles. Silver and Gold are a store of value, an equivalent of wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Since we deal only in what we consider to be real money, we do not participate in any fractional reserve looting schemes.

e-SilverLiberty considers paper money to be the root cause of most injustice in the world, it steals wealth from the average person. Objective money, currency minted from gold and silver, can't be artificially created and loaned in to circulation. Its high acquisition, refinement and production cost limits the speed at which it enters the marketplace. The very nature of the work required to place it in to circulation helps establish its value in the marketplace. Over many generations, however, the true understanding of what money really is has degraded from "an equivalent of wealth produced" to our present-day "legal tender". 

Governments today, subservient to international banking conglomerates, inflate paper money supplies, manipulate interest rates, and stimulate circulation of their currency through taxation and force. So long as merchants, business owners and traders are willing to accept and circulate the valueless currency, the world will continue to be plagued with our modern form of slavery. Servitude can only be ended by producers demanding payment for their goods and services in real money.